Top 5 Erotic Movies on Netflix

1. Lust Stories ( 2018 )

This is an Indian short film , which tells us about intimacy , sex and the complexities of love .

Leading Actor : Vicky Kaushal

Leading actress : Kiara Advani

2. Striptease ( 1996 )

In this film Demi Moore stars as a mother who started stripping to make money so that she can take custody of her daughter .

3. American Pie Presents : Girls Rules ( 2020 )

This film explores nascent teen sexuality with humour and irrelevance . Every character have different crossroads in their love life but however they manage it with the help of their friends and crushes.

4. Horns ( 2013 )

In this film Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of a boy who mourns The Mysterious death of his sweetheart who begins to the grow horns over his forehead .

5. Duck Butter ( 2018 )

Two women named Alia shwkat and Laia Costa, have sexual and romantic chemistry and they decided to go an epic 24 hour date

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